If it hails in May
When handicap comes after God

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Short excerpt

Giorgio, who for many years had only lived days of splendid sunshine and nights of moon and fireflies and would never have imagined what was to happen to him, lifted the sheets colored with blue and white ducks, as he did every morning, and took the two warm, softly throbbing feet of his lastborn baby into his hands; two small cotton balls laced with pink, woven with the sun. The baby, as with each dawn, felt the pleasure of being caressed by hands like silk and continued to snore like the little curly-tailed pigs of the Disney cartoons.

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The title of Rolando Rizzo’s novel already contains in its conciseness the essential design of its contents.

Life in its beauty sometimes seems like a green expanse of uncultivated wheat that promises a rich summer harvest, but an hour of violent hailstorm is enough to transform it into desperate desolation.

There are two basic types of handicap: one caused by narcissism and irresponsibility and the other that belongs to the chromosome lottery. Both often devastate happy families, or in any case force them to reshape their entire existential path with sometimes heroic and, otherwise, desolating results.

In Rolando Rizzo’s novel, both types of handicaps fall like lightning on a family and its wealthy and strongly religious community, breaking down fronts, clichés, enhancing appearances, to reveal the true substance of which we are made and the choices of background that everyone does sooner or later. face when “the hail will fall in May”.

The novel is about solidarity and betrayal. Of lives that intertwine, that are lost, that are redeemed, that in being irreconcilable they are all reconciled, some to trace new seasons of love and freedom.

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